CIS Returns

For Contractors

Production of your CIS returns

Production of all the necessary CIS documentation

Timely CIS return submissions to HMRC on your behalf

Agent representation under CIS enquiry from HMRC

What's the process for completing your CIS returns?

How much will your CIS returns cost?


From £5 per statement (per sub-contractor) per month*

There is a £25 minimum charge for our CIS returns – this covers the cost of 5 sub-contractors and then £5 per each additional sub-contractor.

Why choose us to complete your CIS returns?

Comprehensive service

We cover everything you need to be compliant which includes adding new sub-contractors, processing payment and deduction statements and monthly submissions to HMRC

Free representation

If HMRC decide enquire into your CIS affairs, we will act on your behalf for no extra charge.

Reduce the risk of penalties

Missing a CIS deadline can result in fines. Our reminders will help reduce the risk of these charges.

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